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SIX Fu Organs in TCM

Updated: Feb 9

The six fu organs are the most important parts of our body. They receive and digest food, and absorb nutrient substances from what we eat to help with digestion; they also transmit these nutrients throughout your entire system.

Acupoint GB 34 (Yanglingquan) Applications

✅Spreads Liver qi

✅Clears Liver and Gallbladder damp heat

✅Benefits of joints health and sinews

Indications ✨

✅Pain of the lower extremities

✅Pain of the knee

✅Bitter taste in the mouth


✅weakness and numbness

Acupoint LI 04 (Hegu)


✅Regulates the weiqi

✅Tonifies and harmonizes qi

✅Controls sweating, expels wind and releases the exterior

✅Calms the spirit

Indications ✨

✅Constipation, abdominal pain, dysentery

✅Headache, neck pain

✅Amenorrhea, delayed labor

✅Nasal obstruction, sore throat, and swelling

Acupoint ST 36 (Zusanli)


✅Tonifies and harmonizes the Stomach and Spleen

✅Tonifies qi and nourishes blood and yin

✅Clear fire and resolves dampness

✅Calms the spirit

Indications ✨

✅Abdominal distension, indigestion, gastric pain

✅Vomiting, hiccup, and diarrhea

✅Pain of the knee joint and leg

✅Dizziness, insomnia, mania

Acupoint SI 4 (Wangu)


✅Alleviates pain

✅Clears heat and reduces swelling

✅Clears damp heat

Indications ✨

✅Contracture of the fingers, pain in the wrist

✅Headache, neck pain

✅Bitter taste in the mouth

✅Jaundice, diabetes

Acupoint TE 05 (Waiguan)


✅Clear heat, expels wind

✅Releases the exterior

✅Benefits the head and ears

✅Opens and Activates the linking channel

Indications ✨

✅Febrile diseases

✅Release hypochondriac pain


✅Strained neck and pain in the cheek

Acupoint CV 03 (Zhongji)


✅Regulates bladder Qi transformation

✅Drains bladder dampness and damp-heat

✅Benefits the uterus

✅Regulates menstruation & lower jiao

✅Dispels stagnation

✅Support the kidneys

Indications ✨

✅Retention of urine, frequency of urination

✅Uterine bleeding and vaginitis

✅Prolapse of the uterus

✅Irregular menstruation, swelling

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