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SIX Fu Organs in TCM

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The six fu organs are the most important parts of our body. They receive and digest food, and absorb nutrient substances from what we eat to help with digestion; they also transmit these nutrients throughout your entire system.

Acupoint GB 34 (Yanglingquan) Applications

✅Spreads Liver qi

✅Clears Liver and Gallbladder damp heat

✅Benefits of joints health and sinews

Indications ✨

✅Pain of the lower extremities

✅Pain of the knee

✅Bitter taste in the mouth


✅weakness and numbness

Acupoint LI 04 (Hegu)


✅Regulates the weiqi

✅Tonifies and harmonizes qi

✅Controls sweating, expels wind and releases the exterior

✅Calms the spirit

Indications ✨

✅Constipation, abdominal pain, dysentery

✅Headache, neck pain

✅Amenorrhea, delayed labor

✅Nasal obstruction, sore throat, and swelling

Acupoint ST 36 (Zusanli)


✅Tonifies and harmonizes the Stomach and Spleen

✅Tonifies qi and nourishes blood and yin

✅Clear fire and resolves dampness

✅Calms the spirit

Indications ✨

✅Abdominal distension, indigestion, gastric pain

✅Vomiting, hiccup, and diarrhea

✅Pain of the knee joint and leg

✅Dizziness, insomnia, mania

Acupoint SI 4 (Wangu)


✅Alleviates pain

✅Clears heat and reduces swelling

✅Clears damp heat

Indications ✨

✅Contracture of the fingers, pain in the wrist

✅Headache, neck pain

✅Bitter taste in the mouth

✅Jaundice, diabetes

Acupoint TE 05 (Waiguan)


✅Clear heat, expels wind

✅Releases the exterior

✅Benefits the head and ears

✅Opens and Activates the linking channel

Indications ✨

✅Febrile diseases

✅Release hypochondriac pain


✅Strained neck and pain in the cheek

Acupoint CV 03 (Zhongji)


✅Regulates bladder Qi transformation

✅Drains bladder dampness and damp-heat

✅Benefits the uterus

✅Regulates menstruation & lower jiao

✅Dispels stagnation

✅Support the kidneys

Indications ✨

✅Retention of urine, frequency of urination

✅Uterine bleeding and vaginitis

✅Prolapse of the uterus

✅Irregular menstruation, swelling


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