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Our Team

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Nayul Kim
Registered Acupuncturist

Nayul is a registered acupuncturist. She has earned her degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, after a rigorous five-year program both in the classroom and under clinical supervision as an intern, she practiced in China.


Nayul specializes in treating all types of acute and chronic pain often associated with soft tissue damage also in women health and mental health such as PMS, period pain, insomnia and anxiety disorder. She incorporate various TCM diagnostic approaches and uses acupuncture, cupping, tuina and therapeutic heat to relieve physical and emotional blockages in the body.

Daniel Lim
Office Director

With over 6 years of sales experience in various industries and TCM backgrounds. Daniel brings these experiences, and the skills he has gained with them to the clinic. 


Daniel started his career in sales & purchasing manager in the import & export industry at a Prime ML International Trading, as a sales specialist at Vanshipper Trading, and as a  District sales manager in a Viva pharmaceutical Inc. for the past four years. 


Catherin (Yuan) Zheng
Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Catherine is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Catherine is a caring and empathetic therapist who uses gentle treatment techniques. She believes that the practices of Chinese medicine can bring people optimal health.

Catherine has spent times studying in China, where she took courses to enhance her knowledge and expertise about herbal medicine.

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