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IT(Iliotibial) Band Syndrome

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As an acupuncture clinic in Metro Vancouver, BC. Our Dr. TCM (Chinses Medicine) and acupuncturist provide IT (Iliotibial) band syndrome treatment.

IT band syndrome is a common lateral knee injury that often occurs due to overuse and repetitive flexion/ extension. The tightness of the IT Band causes friction on the outside edge where bending creates painful inflammation which eventually leads to this condition called  ITBS.

This is a problem that affects people of all ages and abilities, but it’s especially common among cyclists and runners. The condition can even develop from repetitively walking up or downstairs with high heels on your feet; sitting for long periods while bent at the knee.

Natural Treatment

  • Acupuncture

  • Icing and resting the affected area

  • Stretching (Yoga)

  • Strengthening muscles

  • Sports massage

Acupoints for IT Band Syndrome

  • Juliao (GB 29) +Jiankua

  • Fengshi (GB 31)

  • Zhongdu (GB 32)

  • Xiyangguan (GB 33)

  • Yanglingquan (GB 34)

  • Qiuxi (GB 40)

  • Xiaxi (GB 43)

  • Dubi (ST 35)

  • Zusanli (ST 36)

  • Zulinqi (GB 41)

  • Taixi (KI 03 or KD 03)

  • Shenmai (BL 62) + Houxi (SI 03)

How to react against IT Band Issue?

To prevent IT band issues from occurring, you need to take care of your body while working out. Always stretch and warm-up before going Harder or Cooling down after exercising.

Usually, it’s possible to heal your IT band by taking time off and letting the muscles rest. After you have done this enough times with light exercise or just staying active at all while healing in order to maintain strength levels that will avoid future occurrences of this injury happening again. Make sure not only do I stay fit but also perform these exercises without pain so my body can balance itself out fully once more!


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