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Facial Acupuncture (Mei Zen)

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

As an acupuncture clinic in Metro Vancouver, BC, We offer cosmetic acupuncture (facial acupuncture) treatment.

Mei Zen is a form of cosmetic acupuncture that uses ancient Chinese medicine. It's an alternative to plastic surgery, Botox and potentially "unhealthy" or invasive techniques!

It's not just about looking younger, it also helps with any skin issues you may have!

Mei zen uses a minimally invasive needling technique that works with the body's natural healing process by building collagen and elastin fibers in order for you to have youthful looking skin without surgery or injections!

The use of cosmetic acupuncture can help give your features their youthful look once again while improving upon what nature gave us - giving both men AND women options when considering how they want themselves looked at years down road.

Possible Benefits

✨Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

✨Improve your skin, firmness, and tone

✨Combat acne and rosacea

✨Restore elasticity to your skin

✨Get help with Bell’s palsy

✨Improve skin tones

✨Increase blood flow to the face

Meet our team:

Nayul Kim (Registered Acupuncturist)

Nayul is a registered acupuncturist. She has earned her degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, after a rigorous five-year program both in the classroom and under clinical supervision as an intern, she practiced in China.

Nayul specializes in Mei Zen/Cosmetic Acupuncture. After years of experience, Nayul decided to focus exclusively on Mei Zen/Cosmetic Acupuncture because she saw first-hand how it could change people's lives for the better. She loves helping others look and feel their best!

15 min Free consultation and package program available. please call us at 604-519-8608.


How long does facial acupuncture treatment take?

Facial acupuncture treatment sessions last approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

It's better to wear minimal makeup and avoid heavy creams or lotions on the day of your treatment.

What happen during the treatment?

Before beginning treatment, your medical history will be reviewed by Nayul Kim (Acupuncturist) to ensure that you are a good candidate for treatment. They will also ask questions about your treatment goals and discuss what to expect during facial acupuncture. On the day of your treatment, you'll be asked to lie down on your back and relax as the Nayul taps tiny acupuncture needles into place along face, neck ,and hairline with gentle pressure. Nayul may also place a few needles along your hands or fingers. The needles will remain in place for 20 to 25 minutes. At the end of your session, the needles will be removed. We recommend to drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins released during treatment, and do your best avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol.

Is it painful?

We are using painless needles for facial acupuncture treatment but If you're feeling any discomfort during your facial acupuncture treatment session, let the practitioner know so they can make adjustments. Many people find it very relaxing and look forward to their next appointment!

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on the condition being treated and overall goals.

The acupuncture treatment may be different for every patient, but it's generally envisioned that you will have four or five sessions with your acupuncturist before moving onto other types therapy like herbs which can also help treat certain conditions. We recommend doing five sessions over a few weeks of time and move on to maintenance treatments(once a month) to continue at reduced frequency.


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