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Insomnia (sleep disorder)

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

As a Chinese medicine clinic in Metro Vancouver, BC, We offer herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment for Insomnia (sleep disorder).

Insomnia(sleep disorder) is a very common problem affecting hundreds and thousands of people. The causes are usually stress-related but sometimes insomnia may be caused by other factors such as pain, depression or anxiety.

Healside Clinic provides acupuncture treatment which is designed specifically for helping people with insomnia (sleep disorder) achieve restful nights without relying on prescription drugs which often come with unpleasant side effects such as grogginess upon awakening, headaches etc.

Healside Clinic connects you with Acupuncturists who specialize in different aspects of sleep health. Our experts will share insights on how your condition affects your sleep as well as how poor sleep can affect other aspects of your health. You'll also learn what treatments work best depending on the cause of your sleeplessness.

Our experienced acupuncturists can help you achieve optimal health and wellness through the ancient art of acupuncture. With more than 350 points on the body that correspond to 20 meridians, our treatment sessions can help target a variety of issues, from stress and anxiety to pain and fatigue.


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