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Five Yin(阴) Organs in TCM

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The living universe is a complex, dynamic entity. It can be understood as an infinite network of energies and forces that exist on different levels: from sub- atomic particles to Galactic vastness (or even beyond). This page will help you understand how we might use the power within ourselves by integrating modern quantum science with ancient Chinese medicine principles in order heal our bodies & minds!

Liver🌳 in TCM

"The general of an army"

Acupoint LR3 (Taichong) Benefits

✅Spreads liver qi

✅Subdues liver yang

✅Nourishes liver blood and yin

✅Regulates menstruation

✅Clears the head and eyes

✅Swelling and pain of the eye

✅headache, dizziness, vertigo

✅Insomnia, depression

Heart❤️ in TCM

"The heart governs blood"

Acupoint HT 7 (Shenmen) Benefits

✅Calm the spirit

✅Regulating and tonifying the heart

✅Help cardiac pain and palpitation

✅Help amnesia, insomnia, mania

✅Help epilepsy and dementia

✅Anxiety, depression

Spleen 🌍in TCM

"The spleen governs transportation and absorption"

Acupoint SP 6 (Sanyinjiao) Applications

✅Tonifies the spleen and stomach

✅Harmonizes the liver

✅Tonifies the Kidneys

✅Regulates blood and menstruation

✅Harmonizes the lower jiao

✅Calms the spirit

Indications ✨

✅Abdominal pain, distension, and diarrhea

✅Irregular menstruation and uterine bleeding

✅Muscular atrophy and motor impairment

Lung in TCM

"The storehouse of fluid for the whole body"

The Lungs are a critical component of our bodies because they help to regulate the water passages, flow, and distribution for qi inside you as well as out. They do this through breathing, which exchanges purer energy with impure or dirty qi outside yourself interchangeably throughout each cycle.

Acupoint LU 6 (Lieque) Applications

✅Opens up the lungs

✅Releases the exterior and expels wind

✅Opens and regulates the ren channel

✅Regulates the water passages

Indications ✨

✅Cough, asthma, sore throat

✅Pain, shortness of breath and wheezing

✅Hay fever symptoms

✅Pain and stiffness in the neck

Kidney💧 in TCM

"The origin of the congenital constitution"

Acupoint Kd3(Taixi) Benefits

✅Nourishing kidney

✅Root of yin and yang energy

✅Strengthens the Back and Knees

✅Benefits Essence or Jing

✅Night Sweats & frequent urination

✅Knee Weakness and Pain

✅Heel Pain


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